The Eclipse Umbrella,

The most stylish and long lasting residential side-post umbrella on the market today.

Contemporary design, robust and durable cantilever umbrella with a 360* rotation feature.

This elegant, and modern residential side-post umbrella is a wonderful choice for outdoor living and

entertainment> It combines style with strength, size and durability, and the multiple tilt levels give

Maximum shade flexibility.


Eclipse 3.5m Umbrella Wooli Hotel

This is the 3.5m Octagonal.


  •  Marine-grade materials guarantee longevity.
  • Anodized aluminium means no rust, no paint to flake of.
  • Maximise your space and shade with no central post
  • Very easy to use
  • Full 360* rotation
  • Folds into compact vertical format
  • Can be removed for seasonal storage
  •    Easy installation option.

Sizes For the Eclipse Umbrella: