Shade Sails in Grafton and Surrounding Areas

We specialise and  manufacture shade sails, custom made or DIY kits, in AAA Quality shadecloth, with the range of 20 different colours, also a water proof shadecloth is available.

With a UV of up to 99% and shade factor of up to 97% We send our shade sails Australia Wide.

With the increased awareness of the damage that the Sun”s Harmfull UV Rays  causes, people are choosing to have Shade around the house, including the pool area, BBQ area, Children’s play area’s including sand pits, swings etc. Especially now that children play outside most of the time, at home or at school.

We all need protection from UV Radiation which we all know is one of the biggest risk for skin cancer.

Beat The Heat & Invest In Shade, Before The HEAT BEATS YOU!

Protect your family from those harmfull UV Rays. We only use and recommend our Commercial AAA grade shade fabric, which is able to block out up to 99% UV Radiation and up to 97% shade.

The fabric that we use has a 10yr limited guarantee against any deterioration on UV. Don’t under estimate the SUN’S Harmfull Effects that it can have on you or your children, even animals, Shade is the Way to go.

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