GraftonShadesails offer the following warranty on their shade sails.

In the event of a warranty claim, please contact us directly either by phone or email, prior to removing the shade sail.
We are very proud of the quality of our shade sails, and strongly believe you will have a shade sails that lasts you for many years to come.

TESTING. All water proof shade sails are tested by the installer when installed,for water Run Off.

All Non Water proof sails are deemed to be safe on completion of installation.


Covered by Warranty.
All shade sails are covered by 12 month workmanship warranty. The Thread is only covered if PTFE thread is used.
The shade cloth comes with a 10 yr UV limited warranty direct from the manufacturer.
The water proof shade cloth only carrys a 5 yr limited warranty direct by manufacturer.
Not Covered By Warranty.

The 12 month workmanship warranty does not cover any damage caused by incorrect installation. (ie. the owner) The shade sail must be installed firm and tight,so as to reduce wind flap.
Shade sails that are loose and floppy will cause premature failure due to mechanical breakdown. This is not UV  breakdown. and is not covered by the warranty.
New and Old Sails Without a Development Application (DA). Replacement Storm damaged sails, to existing fixing points, And Replacement Shade Sails to fixing points by Other Installers. Also Fixing points, & post work done by other Installers.
Spillage of chemicals of the shade sail and or/ cleaning of the shade sail with chemicals is not covered by the warranty.
The warranty does not cover such damage caused by storms, hailstorm, earthquake, fire, lightning, vandalism, misuse or damage caused by animals.
The warranty does not cover damage to sail by incorrect installation of fixing points. All fixing points must be installed by a Licensed Builder
or Licensed Installer.


Grafton Shade Sails will only refund costs if the return is a result of our manufacturing error, ( It does not cover the item if it is damaged in transit.